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Mount Lawley is a small residential suburbs in the outer suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. The suburb has a population of 11,400 people and is located approximately 7 minutes’ drive from Perth CBD.

The suburb is home to many parks including Glenhuntly Park and Tomahawk Reserve. These two parks have been used as recreation areas for local residents since 1959 and 1964 respectively.
As well as being home to many recreational opportunities, Mount Lawley is also home to St Paul’s Primary School, Mount Lawley Primary School and Highgate Primary school.

Mount Lawley offers many attractive features such as its convenient location, the local shopping area and its beautiful natural environment. The suburb is located on one of the most convenient roads in Western Australia; this road is called Mount Lawley Road and it runs all the way through the suburb until it connects with Graham Farmer Freeway. This freeway is also known as State Route 1 and it runs from Perth to Albany across the south west corner of Australia.

Mount Lawley offers many local food shops and cafés including several Chinese restaurants such as Szechuan Palace, Golden Plate Restaurant and Hometown Buffet.
Mount Lawley also has many local shops including Aussie Home Loans Mortgage Brokers, Q Medical Centre, East Coast Fitness and Coles Supermarket.

Mount Lawley has several natural features such as parks and water features. Specifically, resident can often be seen walking through beautiful botanical gardens and enjoying various water features such as the Mount Lawley Children’s Splash Park, Vista Waterways and the popular Mount Lawley ‘s Banks Reserve.

Banks Reserve, Mount Lawley, Western Australia

Mount Lawley has a bus service that runs throughout the suburb to other suburbs including South Perth, Lathlain and Mosman Park. These buses are run by Buslily which is a bus service provider located in neighbouring areas such as Armadale, Girrawheen and Balcatta. The buses are generally used to transport people to places such as supermarket shopping, work or school.

The most attractive features of Mount Lawley are:
1.Residents are generally satisfied with the local community environment of Mount Lawley.
2.Mount Lawley has a natural environment which is a great place for children to play.
3.Mount Lawley is located on one of the most convenient roads in Western Australia which makes it easy for people to travel around Perth by car or by bus especially if they live in remote areas such as those in the southern part of the city.
4.,In Mount Lawley, there are many local food shops and cafés so that residents can easily buy food such as fruit, vegetables and meat whenever they like. These are located near schools and other public buildings so that residents do not have to travel far to buy food at these convenient locations.

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Mount Lawley Real Estate Agent
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