Spring Selling Tips by Dominic

by limniospropertygroup | 02. September 2016 10:45

It goes without saying that first impressions have a huge impact on buyers at their first glimpse of the property they’re considering. With all the choices out there in the current market, there has never been a more important time to focus strongly on presentation. Below are some handy hints.

Make the property feel inviting: When potential buyers walk through a home open, they naturally try to picture and imagine themselves living there. Ensuring that your home has a consistent peaceful atmosphere, appropriate furnishings, and practical outdoor areas makes it easier for people to picture themselves living in the house happily.

Embrace light: Letting in plenty of natural light and adding some bright interior light is crucial for a good impression on buyers. With this, make sure your blinds, curtains, and windows are clean inside and out. It’s not hard to imagine the positive attitude having lots of light brings to people going through the house, and that can help to improve people’s perception of the home.


Fix outstanding repairs: the obvious and crucial repairs and jobs that need to be taken care of should be done so before anyone comes for an inspection. This ensures buyers are at ease with the level of care the home has received over the years and means they will generally be less likely to assume there may be issues with overall quality.

Clean up lawns and gardens: As with your own appearance, making the exterior of the house inviting and presentable creates a good first impression, and sets the tone for a more positive inspection overall. A tidy front and backyard and well-maintained outdoor areas demonstrate the high attention that has been given to all aspects of the house and accentuates the value of these spaces.


Kitchen: As the most expensive and inconvenient room to refurbish in the whole house, it pays to be clever about how you present this crucial room of the house. As many buyers can gauge the value they place on the house from how the kitchen appears, making it more presentable and functional is a great way to ensure a better price overall. Replacing cupboard handles to something more modern, cleaning built-in appliances extensively, and keeping the space clutter-free are practical measures to take to raise the perception of the whole room, and contribute to a more positive inspection.


Master Bedroom: This is another crucial room in the house, as potential buyers must be able to attach a positive image of themselves living in the house and therefore spending a lot of time in the room – after all people spend 1/3 of their lives asleep! Making it a relaxing place to be with classy bed linen, cushions and candles help raise the standard of the room, where buyers can get into the idea of being in the room for long periods of time.

Getting these small jobs done in the time leading up to inspection of your property can lead to a huge improvement in the final sale price. They may not take much time, but the effects are so large that it is crucial to take the time to do them.

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