A New Urban Adventure

by limniospropertygroup | 11. September 2015 15:13

Have you always wanted to live in a place where you’re right on the intersection of a fast-paced lifestyle and convenience? A place where everything you love about North Perth is available to you, just a few steps away from your front door?

Well it’s time to listen to your heart and follow up on the brand new urban adventure that is Rose on Angove. Located on the corner of Angove and Fitzgerald streets, this isn’t so much an apartment building, but rather a collection of unique addresses, living at Rose on Angove will mean living in a stylish contemporary home that is just as unique as you!

With each apartment you can choose from three different interior designs including eco, heritage and urban. If you choose to go with the lovely breezy eco, you’ll get your home decorated with wood tones mixed with whites. The heritage option gives you sleek grey bench tops that sharply contrast with the white cupboards and walnut coloured floors for a unique look. The urban option helps you and your home make the ultimate statement with brick tile walls in the kitchen with industrial wire framed shelving and feature concrete look tiles. No matter what option you decide to go with, we can guarantee that your home will be seen as the epitome of style.

150724 - Heritage Scheme LivingR01.jpg 150717 - Urban Scheme Living R03.jpg

So is Rose on Angove ticking all the boxes for your dream home? Then you better act quickly! Over 60% of these amazing apartments have already sold in just over two weeks! And with just a small $5000 deposit until construction start, there has never been a better time to register your interest.

From a quick walk to the shops, to a trip down the road to your favourite pub, and to all the hidden gems that you’ll discover on your adventures; Rose on Angove shows that there’s an entire universe outside your front door that’s just begging to be explored. Rose on Angove will never go out of style, unlike you who will constantly be going out and experiencing all that North Perth has to offer.

Don’t miss out on the incredible start of a new urban adventure! Register your interest here today!

150713 - Eco Scheme Balcony & Living (1)

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