Get your home ready for autumn: practical tips!

by limniospropertygroup | 07. March 2019 11:18

As we have already welcomed autumn, it’s important to ensure your home is ready for the seasonal change.

With the arrival of March, this month signals the start of autumn and a time for homeowners to ensure their house or investment property is in tip top order before winter hits. To help you prepare for the seasonal change, we have a few practical things for you to do to help your home settle into the new season as we approach the colder months.

1. Trim the garden

Our trees and garden grow and grow during summer. Be sure to check your shrubs, bushes, trees and garden and see if they need to be trimmed back. Especially your trees, as you don’t want them growing too close to your roof or any powerlines.

2. Check the roof and clean the gutters

Although it’s a dreaded chore for all, our roof does need some attention. Especially as the wind, leave falling and rain approaches us. This is a great time to check if your roof has any visible leaks and while you’re at it, checking your windows and ceiling for any cracks or potential leaks won’t go astray. The gutters will also need some TLC, even though autumn will be sure to fill the gutters up, cleaning them out will prevent you from major wintery problems.

3. Fertilize your lawn

Autumn is a perfect time to fertilize your lawn as the soil maintains its summer warmth, applying lawn fertilizer will help you avoid winter damage and spring weeds. With more frequent rainfall beginning, your lawn will be busy absorbing energy and moisture, and therefore needs nutrients to help it get through the cold wintery months. To find out what fertilizer to use, ask a local garden center or check online to see which type to use and when to apply it.

4. Dust off the fireplace

Once the temperature begins to drop, you will turn to your fireplace for some comfort. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, wood burning or gas log, maintenance to your fireplace is essential. This can include checking that your smoke chamber, vents, dampers and flues are cleared each year. For wood burning fireplaces, the best way to clean it is to line the area with newspaper and remove all loose ashes and dust with a shovel and broom. Baking soda and warm water can also hope to remove the remaining soot and dust off.

5. Get the blankets out

It’s time to keep those blankets close at hand as those cozy nights in and movie marathons start to begin. Whether draped over your couch, or placed in a wicker basket in your living area, blankets will be sure to get their fair use as we head into the cooler weather. Not to mention, adding oversized cushions and throws are also a very popular trend for autumn styling in homes.

And there you have it! Our practical autumn tips – essentially getting your home ready for the colder part of the year!

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