Meet Daniel!

by limniospropertygroup | 30. January 2019 11:10

Meet Daniel!

We would like to introduce you to our down-to-earth and driven Sales Representative, Daniel! He has been a part of the Limnios team since July 2018. With a passion for real estate, Daniel always provides outstanding, personal service and honest, straightforward and authentic advice.

The best way to describe Daniel? He is a good-natured, friendly quiet achiever and a big team player! He has been recognized multiple times by fellow employees, clients and strangers for how he goes above and beyond just to go the extra mile. Daniel’s character is a really valuable asset to our team and has been acknowledged for performing genuine and thoughtful random acts of kindness, expecting nothing in return.

Coming from a background in the hospitality industry, Daniel’s previous career saw him making delicious creations as a chef! We must say it’s a past profession that the team at Limnios appreciates, especially when Daniel brings in home baked goods for everyone to try! Following his career as a Chef, Daniel was looking to find work that allowed him to grow as a professional as well as a job that allowed him to help people, which lead him to working in real estate. He loves how rewarding and diverse his role in real estate is. “I gain great satisfaction in knowing I’ve helped people through a major time in their lives”.

Daniel is a team player who understands that a career in real estate requires you to work around the clock and that lifestyle balance of work and play is super important. He bends over backwards for his clients and potential prospects, always putting them first. Meditation is often adopted as a technique that Daniel uses to release any pressure, alongside watching inspirational and motivational video content.

When you can’t find Daniel in the office, you’ll find him watching movies, reading books or working out. He also enjoys a visit to the Sunday markets and breakfast or lunch at local cafes.

When asked to use one word to describe the Limnios team, Daniel answered:

“Integrity is the word I would use to define our Limnios team. We do the right thing, we look after our clients and we always have the drive to achieve the best results possible”.

We are so thankful to have Daniel and his kind character in our team and have no doubt that his passion and drive will see his career in real estate grow rapidly.

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