The Benefits of Indoor Plants for Your Rental Property

by limniospropertygroup | 22. November 2018 14:57

Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you can’t have an indoor garden! There are plenty of plants that are suitable for indoor homes that will help to make your rental unit feel like it is in touch with nature. Adding plants to your living space will help to make your home more vibrant, bright, fresh and will increase your general well-being. Even suitable to those that don’t have a green finger, there are plenty of indoor plant options that don’t need much attention or maintenance. Here are some benefits to having indoor plants:

  1. Freshens up the air

One of the biggest benefits to greenery is that they refresh the air in your home by releasing oxygen. Recent studies have discovered that within 24 hours, houseplants can remove up to 87% of air toxin, improving the air quality of your living area.

  1. Improves productivity and concentration

The oxygen that plants release are great for your brain. This can improve your concentration and productivity when performing work or study at home. It has also been proven that rosemary is helpful to your memory, perfect for making your rental property a productive space!

  1. Boosts your mood

Plants have several benefits to your mental health. Being surrounded by plants can help you to be more relaxed, calm and have proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Not only do visually seeing flowers and plants help to improve your overall mood, having them in your rental property will improve the appearance and will help you to optimise your space. This can be done through placing plants on window sills, your balcony, hanging and in corners.

  1. Great sleeping buddy

By freshening the air in the your bedroom, plants aid in giving you a better night’s sleep. Some of the most popular plants that help in improving sleep include Lavender, Aloe Vera and Jasmine. The Lavender flower has been proven to lower heart rate, blood pressure, stress levels and are one of the best plants in increasing relaxation. Aloe Vera releases oxygen at night time, improving the air in your bedroom. The Jasmine flower releases a sweet scent that is often used in relaxation oils and has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality.

  1. Mobile and easy to relocate

Finally, indoor plants are super easy to move around and relocate! Stored in pots, you are able to take your indoor garden with you, wherever you move. This mobility is also perfect for when you want to change the positioning of your plants in your home, no mess, no digging, easy as shifting a pot!

We love to encourage our tenants to brighten up their rental properties with indoor plants, succulents and flowers to bring some life to their living space. Even though your rental property can often feel temporary, the benefits of having indoor plants will ensure that no matter where you’re living, you will feel at home.


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