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"Joondanna Heights" was originally selected as the name for this suburb in a competition organised by the Perth Road Board. In 1954 this was amended to "Joondanna", which is said to have been the name of a farm owned by an early settler. Subdivision of Joondanna commenced in 1939 but little development occurred until after World War II. The late 1940's and early 1950's thus saw rapid development of Joondanna, to the extent that by 1958 little vacant land was available. Until recently, Joondanna was dominated by single detached houses. However, the old timber-framed workers' houses from the 1940's and 1950's are now being removed in order to make way for new developments. This has resulted in the recent construction of numerous units in Joondanna, though single detached dwellings remain the dominant form of housing in the suburb.<BR><BR>Joondanna contains a number of small shops to cater for daily grocery needs. The largest park within the region surrounds the Water Tower on Roberts Street and Albert James Park also provides for passive recreation. Joondanna also contains a primary school and a home for senior citizens.