Spring sales and your home | Our top tips.

by limniospropertygroup | 22. August 2017 15:07

Spring is officially in the air, and for our team that means it’s time for the spring selling season! In typical real estate fashion, the spring season is one of the busiest times of the year for the property market. This extra competition means that it is key for our client’s properties to stand out in the crowd. So, how exactly do you prepare your home for the selling season? We have a few top tips that will have you well on the way to achieving your property goals!

First and foremost, it is called spring cleaning for a reason. This is the perfect opportunity to declutter and cleanse your home in a bid to make it more appealing for the potential buyer. The most important things to keep to a minimum during this time are overgrown gardens, clutter throughout the home and oversized furniture. Generally speaking, these items can be seen as massive turn offs for potential buyers. By seeing all of these additional messy elements, it can be hard for the buyer to imagine themselves in the home and if they can’t picture it, they won’t buy it!

Think about the type of atmosphere your home is creating upon entry. First impressions really do count and if you haven’t captured someone’s attention, you might have lost it all together. The key things to do prior to someone walking in the door are to clean, repair and think about lighting. Your home must be sparkling from top to bottom. This includes all the small details like the walls, windows and ridding the home of any dust!


Repairs are also a must during this stage, if there has been anything that has been left on the back burner, maybe fixing a tear in the fly screen or replacing a gutter, now is the time to do it. No one wants to walk into a home and see a list of things they need to have repaired! Lastly, the lighting. Make sure you home is filled with warm, natural light. This can be easily achieved by opening blinds and keep fresh air flowing throughout the house. Such a difference can be made by putting these things into action and creating an inviting home for the potential buyer.

Keep things neutral and fresh. You might have an eclectic style that works for you, but it just isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In order to entice potential buyers, it is best to keep any distinctive style or décor to a minimum. This really ties back to the idea of less is more! People really need to be able to walk in and imagine their own unique style within the home, so keep things spacious and minimal will help them paint the picture in their mind.


Presentation of your property is essential, from the online collateral, to the imagery and the physical house itself. Even the sharpest investor will be encouraged by a well presented and inviting property. People are naturally stimulated by what they see, feel and hear. This is why it is essential to put your property on the market with its best foot forward, in order to ensure its viewed in the best light… not to mention its best angle!

We understand the importance of presentation and standing out within the busy spring markets. If you need help preparing tour home for sales, speak to the team that gets results today. Contact us on 08 9328 3866.


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